Main Contenders to Win IPL 2022

IPL 2022 matches will be held in major cities across the country. Scheduled venues include Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Ahmedabad. Organizers may use stadiums in other locations, which will be announced in advance. Sourav Ganguly who heads the Board of Control for Cricket in India has announced the upcoming matches over a two-month period. More than 74 games are scheduled. The exact number will be determined at a later date. The stadiums will be filled up to 25% of their capacity.

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Participants of IPL 2022

BCCI has already selected athletes to participate in the tournament. There are 590 players in total and 370 of them are residents of India. There are foreigners from Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia, England, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. The captains of the two new franchises are already known. Lucknow SuperGiants’ captain is KL Rahul, while Ahmedabad’s one is Hardik Pandya. The newcomers did well in the qualifiers. There is an equal number of teams participating in the competition.

IPL 2022 Contenders for Winning: Closer Look

It is quite possible to make predictions when it comes to IPL 2022 contenders for the main title. The top strongest squads will make it to the play-off, for instance

  • Chennai Super Kings;
  • Lucknow Super Giants;
  • Mumbai Indians;
  • Delhi Capitals;
  • Punjab Kings.

Any of them can become the owner of the main trophy. Money rewards will be given to the four top winners. The core of the first squad under the leadership of Dhoni is the same as in previous seasons. Only Suresh Raina is missing. The team has won the title four times, namely in 2010, 2011, 2018, and 2021. Certainly, the captain hopes to win the fifth trophy.

The second competitor is performing at the world tournament for the first time. The composition of the athletes was formed through an auction. The third team also has a chance to win the championship title. Hopes are placed on Rohit Sharma who has successfully played in 129 matches. The athlete is considered to be the top cricket player.

The Delhi Capitals’ results in 2019 and 2020 were good. However, the team did not win a trophy. Analysts point to the excellent performance of Rishabh Pant, a wicket-keeper batter. Mayank Agarwal will be playing for the fifth team this season. Other renowned athletes have also shown up:

  • Johnny Bairstow;
  • Liam Livingston;
  • Odin Smith;
  • Shikhar Dhawan.

They are well-known players who performed well in the T20. That’s why they have been acquired to play for the best teams in India.

Who Will Win IPL 2022: Experts’ Opinions

Who will win IPL 2022? It is expected that the odds of 4 will be set for the Chennai Super Kings. This team is predicted to win first place. Fans are watching the rankings, studying the information of each of the athletes on the social networks. The competitors are strong, so it is not easy for the leader to retain the championship title. Each team has a good lineup. Fans, many of whom will not be able to visit the stadiums due to restrictions, look forward to the end of the season.

Chennai Super Kings: Playing 11 & Reasons Why CSK Will Win IPL 2022

The athlete with the most points earned gets an orange cap. For this purpose, achievements throughout the competition are taken into account. Awards are also given to purple and purple cap holders. The latter is passed from one participant to another during the tournament.

One of the prizes is a reward for fair play. It is awarded to the team at the end of the season. The winner is determined by the number of points scored (the result for each match is indicated in a special protocol). It is important to prove that the team performs well. Another prize will go to the most valuable player. The rating system, which was introduced in 2013, is used to determine the awardee. Similar awards are given to players in different categories, for example, under 19 and under 23.

The best forward of the season is also chosen. He must excel in every IPL game in that position. A cash reward is given to the winner.

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